Welcome to the SuitePOS Production Version. This version is recommended for all live environments. Please read the Release Notes carefully. 

Proceed at your own risk. Ensure you have performed adequate testing. If the version is designated (BETA) take extra care. This app requires the NetSuite or Salesforce platform.

SuitePOS Version Date Notes

4.0.3S Build 973S

iOS 14.8.x - Profile Expiration 05/03/22
NetSuite 2021.2 - Bundle 4.0.12
Salesforce Package 4.12

4.0.3J Build 973J

iOS 14.5.x - Profile Expiration 05/03/22
NetSuite 2021.1/2 - Bundle 4.0.5/6/7/12
Salesforce Package 4.5


*(d)       Fully Deprecated
*(d1)   Fully Deprecated - Except for Customers already on this Build  
*(dSF)  Deprecated Salesforce Only
*(dNS)  Deprecated NetSuite Only