Founded in 2014, SuiteRetail is a software company that makes retailers more successful by re-inventing the in-store point-of-sale (POS) dynamics and replacing it with simplicity, flexibility, stability and speed.

We have long thought that enterprise retail is too complex. The merchant processors are convoluted, the hardware is big and clunky, and the systems are hard to use.  All of this translates to lines out of the door during peaks, system downtime, frustrated clerks and unhappy customers.

There are a lot of POS systems that are simple to use. But none that effectively tie into major ERP platforms (such as Oracle NetSuite) and open platforms (such as Salesforce).  This is key for enterprise retail because the effectiveness of your store and how it integrates to your supply chain directly translates to revenue and your ability to compete.

Our approach was to design a "No Database" POS product and utilize the power of the underlaying cloud platform. This unleashes unprecedented configuration options, endless flexibility and an accurate flow of data in such a way that does not require integration to yet another database (which rarely works well).

SuiteRetail's flagship product, SuitePOS, increases customer satisfaction, delivers higher revenue and more payment options, lowers cost of adoption and keeps your staff happy. 



Increase your sales dramatically by providing an easy way for your customers to finance purchases right at the point of sale.