SuitePOS 2.3 contains a variety of new features aimed at increasing in-store productivity and extending the fit of SuitePOS for retailers.

The South’s largest Christmas village, The Incredible Christmas Place, turned to SuitePOS for its easy out-of-the-box integration with Netsuite and ability to process transactions at speed. Predicated by continued growth and massive peak shopping surges, Christmas Place decided it was time for an IT overhaul. They initially turned to Netsuite to provide front of house POS and back of house ERP. While Netsuite’s ERP was implemented successfully prior to their busy season last year, the NetSuite POS simply did not work well for them.  To get sales into Netsuite they...

Price Embedded barcodes are used for unpackaged items, namely deli products such as meat and cheese or goods received in bulk such as loose gravel and other raw or harvested materials.

Check out this independent article about SuiteRetail and one of our marquee customers, Dylan's Candy Bar.   It illustrates the importance of the cloud retail technology trend we are trail-blazing.

Top retail brands turn to SuiteRetail and the leading POS for NetSuite, SuitePOS, for a sleek, modern solution that extends their single cloud system into the storefront.  Full omni-channel data support to and from the POS completes the dream of one system to manage their entire business from back to front.