Top 5 Apps for Retailers on NetSuite

November 09, 2016

If you are an omni-channel retailer, you likely have requirements beyond the out-of-the box feature-set of NetSuite.  Various SuiteApps built specifically for NetSuite are the answer and can fill the gaps in a retailer’s technology stack.

Here are a few popular SuiteApps that work well for retailers running on NetSuite. All of them are compatible with SuitePOS and many other NetSuite native apps.

RF Smart

RF Smart helps retailers efficiently meet their operational challenges by providing core inventory and retail-specific functionality. RF Smart extends native NetSuite capabilities, adding an ergonomic tablet and scanning interface to aid in important processes including: Purchase & Transfer Order Receiving, Sales & Transfer Order Picking, BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In-Store) and Cycle Counts. Retail specific functionality also includes things like Store Leveling which automatically suggests transfers to optimize inventory levels between stores.


SuiteLoyalty is a rewards program that motivates customers to buy more.  Customer purchases lead to the accumulation of loyalty points which are ultimately converted to gift cards for future purchases.  These gift cards can be seamlessly redeemed in-store and on-line - a true omni-channel solution.


Avalara’s AvaTax takes the hard work out of sales tax. It handles complex sale tax rules (value dependent sales tax; sales tax holidays; items that are taxable to one state but not another) and can manages your monthly sales tax returns. The AvaTax App is tightly integrated with NetSuite, and once installed and configured, takes over sales and use tax calculations ensuring automated sales tax compliance.

Bronto Marketing Platform

Bronto, a NetSuite company, is ideal for email marketing. The solution uses data such as cart, order and product details to create post purchase follow-up, abandoned cart, cross and up-sell campaigns across all channels . These campaigns are typically both personalized and automated, maximizing efficacy and saving retailers time.

Celigo Shopify Connector

Many NetSuite retailers are combining the power, value and simplicity of Shopify’s eCommerce platform with the proven back office features of NetSuite. Celigo has automated the integration with their Shopify connector. The solution assures orders inbound are received immediately and keeps other important data effortlessly in-synch.

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