SuitePOS - A Point of Sale for Retailers on SAP Business One

SuitePOS - A Point of Sale for Retailers on SAP Business One

April 25, 2018

At SuiteRetail, we understand the value of having your point of sale (POS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system work seamlessly together. SuitePOS is built natively for the leading cloud ERP, Oracle NetSuite, and for the world's largest business platform, Salesforce. This means retailers can easily have their entire business running on a single cloud platform. 

Why is it so important for retailers to have their POS and ERP systems working together?

When you have a point of sale and ERP that is not only integrated, but are built to work in conjunction with one another, retailers don't have to worry about losing customer information, manually dealing with taxes and finance, or separately managing inventory across their physical and digital stores. You can also run intelligent marketing campaigns and extend CRM across all departments, in your stores, and online. With SuitePOS, built for NetSuite and Salesforce, all business functions are handled together on one platform to improve efficiency and in-store functionality.

Rather than retailers needing to do an entire rip and replace when updating software, the SuitePOS platform is designed to integrate with any ERP system. Through the Salesforce platform, SuitePOS serves as one of the best POS systems for SAP Business One. SuitePOS uses APIs designed on the Salesforce platform, making it easier to integrate the POS for SAP Business One.

Some may think that being built for Salesforce and NetSuite means that SuitePOS will not work with other ERPs such as SAP Business One, but when we say that SuitePOS is built for anything, we mean anything.

You may be thinking, "if I'm already using the SAP Business One ERP, why wouldn't I just use their POS Customer Checkout software as well?"

The difference between that and SuitePOS is that SuitePOS has been built to scale for mid-market and enterprise retail businesses and includes solutions for employee, product, customer management, taxes, Square Payments, and more.

It is important for retailers to think long-term when purchasing business management software to avoid installing a POS system that it built for smaller businesses and will not scale with their growth. With SuitePOS for SAP Business One, retailers can offer a better customer experience with smoother checkouts by moving the complex business functions to the back office.

Retailers also must consider the operating system in which their POS is being run. SuitePOS is an Apple-based POS and this means less risk of data breach or payment fraud than a legacy or Windows-based POS.

Since SuitePOS runs on an iPad or iPhone, it works great in both the fixed-lane and also as a mobile or line-busting POS, capable of rapid and easy-to-use checkout in your busy retail environments. Modern retailers are looking to eliminate clunky hardware from their check-out area. Operating on PCs not only takes up more room and is less aesthetically pleasing, but it runs the risk of slow speeds and forces the retailer to run their check-outs in a fixed location. 

Lastly, SuitePOS is built to unify commerce, meaning that the retailer's physical and digital stores will work together through our POS with SAP Business One. SuitePOS includes all necessary POS features to run your retail business and is built natively for Salesforce, allowing retailers to easily integrate the SAP Business One ERP to automate business functions to create a smooth and seamless workflow.

Bottom Line: If you're a mid-market or enterprise retailer in need of a SAP Business One POS system, SuitePOS has you covered.

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