POS & ERP: The Perfect Pair

January 04, 2018

Some things make sense together: a computer and mouse, socks with tennis shoes, and peanut butter and jelly.  Individually, these things just don’t function as well and they are better together.  Just like ERP and POS in the retail tech industry.  

In layman’s terms, ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which in short refers to a system that manages key business aspects such as inventory, sales, accounting and other back-end business functions.  POS stands for Point of Sale, referring to the front-end system that manages the transaction itself, once the customer steps into the picture.

POS doesn’t mean ERP.  And ERP certainly cannot be a POS system. A smaller business may function well with one or the other.  But, once a retail business is at mid-market level and they need to truly consider keeping up with customer demands, inventory and managing a large-scale business, merging the two (assuming they are the right two) will create a streamlined process that certainly converts to more sales. You’re sacrificing time and money if you don’t integrate your ERP and POS and you need both, no matter what you Google and find out there – there is no POS system that is an ERP and vice versa. Period.

The problem is, some POS systems market themselves like they are ERP’s, sending mixed signals to retail stores who need both (and are getting conned into only having the POS).   Retail businesses that purchase a POS intending for it to be their one-stop-shop for managing their entire business will find out the hard way (unfortunately with lots of time and probably lots of money).

Now, don’t get the wrong idea here…every POS is not treated equally (and neither is every ERP for that matter).  SuiteRetail’s POS system, for example, has a lot of functionality, such as the unique ability to create customizable features for your retail business, includes aspects that are proven to increase customer loyalty and also runs at lightning speed.

Enough of tooting our own horn here, but seriously, merging the right POS system with an effective and modern ERP system will make your business operations run smoother, create a more streamlined process and provide you more capability to increase sales and free up time.

We would enjoy a conversation about taking your business to the next level with our leading POS software.  Reach out to our sales team to get the conversation started.

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