SuitePOS 2.0.  What to Expect?

SuitePOS 2.0. What to Expect?

April 02, 2016

SuiteRetail recently launched SuitePOS 2.0 for retailers on NetSuite and Salesforce. Featuring sleek modern software and running on the latest Apple iPad and iPhone devices and peripherals, SuitePOS continues to revolutionize in-store interaction at the point-of-sale for serious retailers who require a single system across all channels, locations and operations.

New features include:

  • Salesforce integration, for customers on Salesforce
  • Self-service Kiosk capability allowing retailers to decrease the total costs of clerks and increase sales in-store
  • EMV Chip Card and NFC device support. PCI DSS certified payment processing with P2PE encryption provides the highest level of security for cardholder data - Support for contact-less payments including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Price Embedded barcodes for delis, grocers and retailers who pre-weigh and package loose materials
  • Full NetSuite Access at the POS. Options to process in-store pickups, ship-from-store, view customer dashboards and history, receive inventory and display virtually any kind of reporting without leaving the point-of-sale
  • Full Salesforce Access at the POS to view detailed customer relations, custom reports and dashboards and anything Salesforce has available.
  • NetSuite OneWorld support for retailers with multi-subsidiary operations
  • Salesforce support for multi-subsidairy operations
  • More Hardware options including support for the Star Micronics mPOP, a modern drawer/printer combo, and other high-performing iPad peripherals

“SuiteRetail really listens to their customers – it’s refreshing to see several new features that directly help us at the point-of-sale”, said Trey Carlstrom, Wrigleyville Sports.

“We have more info on the products we sell, more speed and many other options to better serve our shoppers".  Trey concluded. 

To celebrate this major release:

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